Yunnan Govt. to promote Trade & Investment Relations – December, 14, 2017

On Thursday, 14th December 2017, a high level delegation from the Yunnan Provincial Industry and Information Technology Commission visited ICEC Council to discuss India-China bilateral ties. The delegation comprised of their team leader, Mr. Chen Yunsheng, Deputy Director and other members, Mr. Chen Zhongneng, Division Chief of Development Planning Department, Mr. Shi Zhenkun, Division Chief of Equipment Industries Branch, and Ms. Zhang Wen, Principal Staff. The delegates also included industrial represenatives, Mr. Zhao Zhilong, General Manager, Yunnan Qujing Industrial and Mining Investment Development Co. Ltd and Mr. Wang Dawei, representative from BAIC Ruili Automobile Sales Co. Ltd.


Mr. Chen Zhongneng begin the meeting by giving a brief introduction of their province Yunnan, which he described was famous for its culture, history and diversity. He also added that the province was abundant in natural resources such as tin, nickel, aluminum which contributed to its economic growth particularly in the mining and machinery industry. He noted that as two of the fastest growing economies in the world, there was a lot of potential for improving trade and cultural relations between both the countries, and hoped to work together with ICEC to deepen the ties.

Mr. Saqib supporting his statements, voiced that there was a lot of room for growth in sectors related to tourism, food and agricultural industry, IT, biopharmaceuticals, mining and extraction etc. With the government of India launching several projects such as ‘Make in India’, building of smart cities, there is scope for infrastructure related industries, particularly solar energy and wind energy related technology as both the nations were shifting its focus to being more environmental friendly. He urged the Chinese delegates to take a more proactive approach to develop cooperation between the countries in these areas.


Mr. Zhao Zhilong, also mentioned that there was scope for agricultural machinery related trade as one of the areas his company specialized in was producing tea, coffee and sugar cane related processing machines. He further added that his company hoped to set up a tea research institute in Yunnan as it was famous for its various types of tea. Mr. Saqib proposed that they must send some delegates to the next Assam International Agri-Horticulture show which is held annually where they can meet potential machinery buyers as well as find collaborators who can work on setting up the institute together.
The meeting concluded on the note that more focus should be put on helping the SMEs related to these sectors in both the countries. The Yunnan delegation thanked Mr. Saqib for his insight and hoped to get back soon to take some of these projects forward.