Towards Enhancing Trade Opportunities with China

On 5th January 2018, a delegation from Dehong, Yunnan Province in China visited ICEC, New Delhi during their three days visit to India to discuss the potential for developing trade relationships. The delegation comprised of Mr. Liu Wusan, Advisor, Dehong People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Mr. Rui Hongcheng, Deputy Director, Ruili Municipal National Pilot Zone Management Committee, Mr. Yin Zhongde, Director, Ruili Municipal National Pilot Zone Office, Mr. Li Qigui, Director, Dehong Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Xu Xiang, Director General, Dehong State Administration of Taxation and Mr. Zhao Keping, Deputy Director, Dehong Bureau of Commerce.
Mr. Saqib, General Secretary, ICEC extending new year wishes, welcomed them warmly on their visit to ICEC. On that note, he gave a short introduction about the organisation and expressed that ICEC Council since its inception in 2003 has been working to facilitate trade and cultural relations between China and India.


Mr. Li Wusan outlined the various opportunities available for both China and India, and explained that the place of Dehong had a vantage point as it shared its border with Myanmar to the west and was also very close in proximity to north-eastern Indian states. Owing to proximity to several south-asian and south-east Asian countries, they have one of the best airline companies that caters to the neighbouring areas. He further added that in the last few years the trade between these neighbouring countries has seen a sharp rise, in regard with India, the trade was focused on tea trade, agricultural products, mining, semi-precious stones, handicrafts etc. He concluded by inviting ICEC to send some Indian companies as delegation this year to further explore these trade opportunities.
Mr. Saqib assured that ICEC will work to send Indian delegations from various interested companies and businesses to Dehong to collaborate with their counterparts and hoped that the relations between both the countries would further progress this new year.