Sharing Ideas on Yunnan-India Corporation

On 3rd July 2018 ICEC hosted delegates from Yunnan Province, China. The head of the delegation Ms. Zhang Hongxia, Deputy Counsel, Yunnan Department of Commerce and her other colleagues from the departments of commerce and agriculture. They came with the intent to gain knowledge about the three major industries of India which were the tourism, agriculture and the food processing. Companies from the Animal husbandry sectors were also a part of the delegation and were very keen to know about the Indian meat market.


ICEC shared a brief introduction of the market size of these industries with them. The delegation was then introduced with the top companies who are in this business and were even told about the future prospects and the current government policies. They were told that India is the largest beef exporter in the world followed by Australia and the US. India has generated 931 million USD from its Meat Export Market during the first quarter of year 2017. In terms of agriculture, the huge potential for technology transfer and increased participation in agricultural fairs was discussed.

The Yunnan Delegation came in with the motive of increasing the existing Yunnan-India trade of 40 million USD. ICEC suggested to increase investment in tourism industry, so that more and more people from India visit China and vice-versa. For this, a joint cooperation between the Buddhist tourism landmarks in China and India to increase pilgrim exchange was proposed. They were hopeful that after the Wuhan summit the trade relations between India and China will gradually increase.