Shandong-India Agricultural Products Trade Fair


The India-China Economic and Cultural Council in association with FICCI hosted Shandong Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products Demonstration and Shandong-India Agricultural Products Trade Fair at the FICCI Commission Hall, New Delhi.

The Business Seminar had high-level delegates representing Agricultural products Importers, Exporters and Government Representatives of Shandong Province of China, liaising with Indian business representatives keen on doing business with Chinese partners.

Introducing the situation of construction of agricultural products quality and safety demonstration province and providing information for promotion of agricultural trade between Shandong and India, Deputy Director-General of Shandong Commerce Department, Lyu Wei, said, “This meeting will open a new chapter in business associations between Shandong, China and India. India and China are both developing and fastest growing markets and have a deep cooperation amongst each other. There is a lot of scope for further in-depth cooperation between China and India, and if both the countries speak together, the whole world will listen. I wish India and China have more cultural and economic association amongst each other.”


Organised by the Commerce Department of Shandong Province, the focus of the Fair was to introduce the situation of construction of agricultural products quality and safety demonstration province and suggestion for the promotion of agricultural trade between Shandong and India.

Counselor Li Baijun, Commercial Counselor’s Office of China Embassy said, “I believe that the economic cooperation between India and China can bring greater business prosperity across the world.”

Hosted by the Deputy Director of Foreign Trade Department of Shandong Commerce Department, the focus participants in the conclave included, Secretary General of ICEC, Mohammed Saqib who spoke on growing business collaborations between Shandong Province of China and India. He said, “While the India-China business is very concentrated on Trade, we are seeing a lot of investment coming into the business now. The Agriculture sector has been something that has not been explored so far, and we believe that Mechanisation will be a big segment of India-China business associations. This is one of the largest agricultural delegations coming out of China and we are looking out for great results of the visit. ICEC Council is one of the oldest associations outside of government, being more than a decade and a half old and we have developed relationships with provincial governments as well. We see a huge scope for cooperation and I believe the ICEC Council can play a very important role in developing India-China agricultural trade relations.”

The Director General of FICCI Ms Ambika Sharma said, “We are here are the time where China & India as the first and the third largest economies of the world contributing one-fourth of the world’s GDP are discovering new potentials which have the power to define the new global economic architecture. Meetings like these offer an unprecedented opportunity of growth for both the countries.”

FICCI Food expert Mr Vijay Sardana introducing the trade situation of India food and agricultural products said, “Today there is a huge opportunity of Chinese technology coming into Indian agriculture, thus opening doors for the betterment of economy of both the countries. Having a long-term view is the need of the hour, to develop a deeper cooperation between the two countries.”

Introducing agricultural production in Shandong Deputy Director of Shandong Agricultural Department, Lin Guohua said, “Shandong is one of the 13 main production areas in China. It enjoys the reputation of being one of top vegetable gardens of China. It is a major province of horticulture, processing and animal husbandry. Presently it is promoting the supply-side reform of agriculture deeply which will open better commerce opportunities for India in China.” Deputy Director of Yan Tai Commerce Department, Zhao Xinzhi said, “Yan Tai has a great tropical climate conducive for agricultural development, and a lot of food items including Apples, Mushrooms amongst others are renowned across the world.”

The high-level delegation from China comprising of more than 130 business delegates, were witness to the signing of historic agreements between India China Economic & Cultural Council and Commerce Department of Shandong Province, and between, FICCI and Commerce Department of Shandong Province.