Meeting With China’s Ministry of Commerce For India China Trade Cooperation

The recent policies on the anti-dumping of products has had a significant impact on the import of products into India. One of the main sectors being affected is that of renewable energy namely products manufactured in the solar sector. In this regard, a high level delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) met with ICEC Council Secretary General, Mr. Mohammed Saqib.

MOFCOM meeting

The delegation was led by Mr. Shi Yiwei, Deputy Commissioner, Bureau of Trade Remedy Investigation, Ministry of Commerce and Mr. Wang Guiqing, Vice President, CCCME. They comprised of Mr. Liang Hao, Commercial Counsellor and Mr. Xu Minglei, Second Secretary, Bureau of Trade Remedy Investigation from MOFCOM; Ms. Chen Huiqing, Director and Ms. Qiu Jiajun, Staff, Legal Service Department from CCCME and Mr. Wang Jianhao, Staff, Department of commerce of Zhejiang province.

Being in consensus with Modi and Xi Jinping’s quest against protectionism, Mr. Shi Yiwei expressed his concerns about the impact of the anti-dumping laws in India. He mentioned the direct outcomes of the imposed duties were that the prices in the solar energy market had risen dramatically. It also compromised on the availability of quality products in India that the Chinese have to offer. He concluded by welcoming delegations to China and have study tours on the potential of investment and trade from these sectors. ICEC also encouraged greater dialogue between both the governments and policy research in order to take measures that are mutually benefitting.