Meeting With Delegation From Hubei Province

On 8th August 2018, delegates from the Department of Land and Resources of Hubei Province visited ICEC Council. The group was led by Deputy Director Mr. Shen Xuejun. His colleagues comprised of Deputy Director Mr. Tang Zuoyou, Yichang Bureau of Land and Resources; Chief Engineer Mr. He Yuanwen, Ezhou Bureau of Land and Resources; Director General Mr. Chen Qingping, Xiaogan Bureau of Land and Resources Urban Sub Bureau and Branch Leader Mr. Wu Xingzhong, Jingmen Land and Resources Law Enforcement Supervision Detachment.

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The objective of their visit was to understand the status of land reforms in India with regard to ownership and use of the land for various kind of purposes, agricultural and commercial alike. ICEC explained the system of land ownership in India including the taxation system, rehabilitation schemes, policy and procedures for acquiring land. The incentives provided for foreign investment in designated SEZs and Tech parks was also mentions.

During the question and answer session, the status of mineral and other non-renewable resources sector and the recent shift of the Indian government towards encouraging the use of renewable resources especially solar energy was discussed. The meeting concluded on a good note wherein Mr. Shen Xuejun invited Indian business to Hubei and looked forward to cooperation with ICEC in the near future.