Meeting With Delegation From Henan Province

On 31st January, a delegation from Henan visited ICEC Council to have a dialogue on the Indian social security system and medical security. The delegation was led by Mr. Zhang Xiangnan, President of Henan Medical Technician Institute along with his colleagues Mr. Tian Jingang, Inspector, and Mr. Wang Xuechen, Division Chief from the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Henan Province; Mr. Yang Zhongqin, Deputy Director, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security and Mr. Wang Shuzheng, General Manager, Health Insurance Department of Henan Branch, China Life Insurance Company Limited.



Beginning with the role of ICEC Council as an organization and a brief introduction, the delegates had a discussion on the current scenario of the Indian social security system and the healthcare policies provided for its citizens. They attempted to understand the mechanism used by the central and state government in managing the medical and social security services. Comparing the advanced experience and practice of the construction and structure of the social security policy in India and China were shared. The delegates were explained and informed about the various schemes available for different sections of the society. Towards the end of the meeting, a brief about Henan province in terms of its economic potential and possibilities of cooperation with India were raised as well and exchanges from India were welcomed by the delegates.