India Financial Investment Seminar 2016

2U2A0563India China Economic and Cultural Council in association with Capvision Partners (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. organized India Financial Investment Seminar 2016 on 19 July, 2016 in Shanghai, China. The objective of seminar was to apprise Chinese investors of the investment opportunities in India and the policy framework around foreign investment in India.

Towards this, ICEC Council took a 10 member delegation comprising of experts in finance & investment sectors. Some of the key speakers at the seminar included Mr. Ai Ping, Former vice Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of CPC; Mr. Shaurya Doval, Director, India Foundation; Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary-General of ICEC; Mr. Jayakumar Babu, Chief Executive Officer, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited.

The attendees were executives of large financial companies with keen interest in investing in India. Presentations/speeches during the seminar focused on providing detailed information of Indian new foreign investment policy, laws and regulations, capital markets, status of infrastructure industry, key investment projects. Chinese investors had lot of queries regarding investment preferences of Indian investors, investment instruments required in India, Taxation, and repatriation of funds.

The feedback from the attendees indicated that the summit was rich in content, covered a wide range of financial topics, and contained a large amount of new information and that the speakers were extremely professional. They gained a lot from this summit, and hoped ICEC would hold more similar activities in the future.

Overall the seminar was a great success and we hope that it inspires more Chinese investments into India.