Fourth Columnists

Sustained effort by the two governments is the only long term solution to improved media ties.


Hostile Media Fourth Columnists 


The Indian and Chinese media it would appear are at a state of constant war. Thus, when Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh visited a string of African countries this May to improve relations and hammer out a string of business agreements, the Indian media hailed it as an offensive to counter China, which was seen as trying to conquer and dominate that part of the world. Similarly, when news of the Chinese building an oil terminal in Myanmar surfaced, it was interpreted as yet another Chinese attempt to encircle India. China’s funding of the Pakistani deep sea port at Gwadar has of course been a bugbear for many years now. Every report of China taking up a major project in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or the Maldives sets the alarm bells ringing in India media establishments. The Chinese, it would seem, are coming to get us.