Hebi City Promotes Talent Exchange With India

Hebi is a city in the northern Henan province of China. It boasts two economic and technological development zones, state-level and provincial-level respectively, and a provincial-level demonstration zone for urban and rural integration. Being the first national circular economy pilot city, Hebi is known to be an eco-friendly having vibrant cultures and rich tourism resources.

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With the interest to create awareness about the development of Hebi City and share about the opportunities for Indians, a high-level delegation from the Municipal Government of Henan, P.R. China had a meeting with ICEC on 28th November, 2018. The group was led by Mr. Zhao Jiayu, Director, National Religious and Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee comprising of Mr. Zhang Ran, Vice Mayor, Hebi City Municipal Government, Henan; Mr. Dang Jiansen, Director, Work Leading Group Office for Talent Administration; Mr. Wang Jimin, Deputy Governor, Qi County, Hebi City Government; Mr. Zhao Lijie, Deputy District Head, Qibin District, Hebi City Government and Mr. Xu Wenping, Deputy District Head, Heshan District, Hebi City Government.

Mr. Zhao began the meeting by giving a brief introduction about Hebi City especially regarding its popularity among tourists. He shared about how through participation in exhibitions, talent exchange can be encouraged. The main focus sectors of Hebi city are automobiles, furniture, tourism and tea. After discussing on the role of ICEC, he suggested that cultural exchange can be done through tea and tourism. However, with regard to information technology (IT) Mr. Zhao was seeking support from India as he praised the Indian IT industry. ICEC also suggested delegation visits between India and Hebi in IT field to initiate ties for cooperation and business development.