Enhancing Cooperation between India and China in Agriculture Sector – December, 8, 2017

ICEC Council hosted a high level delegation from one of its partner associations from China, CCPIT Hunan in first week of December 2017. Hunan is famous for its agri machinery and their growth in farm mechanization is something which India can learn from and benefit. The delegation was led by Mr. Fu Danzhou, Vice-Chairman and comprised of senior officials from the department.


The primary objective of the delegation’s visit was to understand and explore business opportunities in the Indian agriculture sector. Towards this, ICEC facilitated the delegation’s visit to AGRIMACH 2017, one of the top shows in agri machinery sector. The delegation met and interacted with lot of exhibitors and visitors and found that there is a huge scope for their machineries in India. After the expo visit, delegation met with Mr. Gajendra Badgujar, Joint Director of FICCI (Co-organizer of AGRIMACH) towards understanding the requirements of machinery in India.

Mr. Fu Danzhou started the meeting on the note that as the two largest and fastest growing economies in the world and as representatives of BRICS nations and Asia, it was necessary for both India and China to cooperate and mutually help each other to develop further. He stated that next year, CCPIT will be organizing two important events to which he hoped FICCI could extend their support for.

After attending EIMA Agri Mach 2017 in Delhi, CCPIT Hunan expressed interest in holding an Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in India where technological transfer, exporting and importing quality products and sharing or expertise can be fulfilled between both the countries. They concluded that India and China shared common issues in the agricultural sector and that there was immense scope for cooperation. At the same time, they also shared about organizing an event related to environmental protection in China for which FICCI was invited and expected to support in bringing industrialists, trade and environment protection associations together to exchange good practices.



Mr. Gajendra Badgujar was delighted to receive the Chinese delegation and mentioned about how FICCI can support them in their events. He was also pleased to share that EIMA Agri Mach 2017 saw the largest Chinese delegation with approximately 80-100 companies that participated. He encouraged Mr. Fu Danzhou saying that FICCI would circulate their events amongst its members for further deepening cooperation in the agriculture and environment sectors.

The delegation also met with Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, ICEC Council and shared a proposal about having an agricultural expo in different states of India to promote Hunan’s technology, trading of quality products hence creating a long term platform for exchange between Indian states and Hunan. ICEC also invited companies from Hunan to participate in its flagship event Smart Urbanation 2018, Hyderabad where various companies from the smart technology and sustainability sector would come together for cooperation in building smart cities.