Building India China ties towards a Brighter Future

In order to begin the year with deeper bilateral relations between India and China that had reached a plateau last year, a high-level delegation from China visited New Delhi. H.E. Luo Zhaohui, Chinese Ambassador to India and Han Qide, Vice Chairman, National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NCCPPCC) had a dialogue with the key decision makers from the government, former diplomats and academicians to understand the Indian perspective of the bilateral relationship.


One of the Members of the Legislative Assembly shared the importance of India and China relations as being the catalyst towards an Asian century. They shared the need to focus more on people to people exchange in the realm of culture, business, industry, education and tourism. More cooperation on the fighting terrorism and dispute resolution was mentioned. The role of media was also addressed wherein a negative narrative of the relations has been predominant among the population leading to a trust deficit. This opened up new avenues of cooperation in the publishing industry and social media platforms.

Mr. Ashok Kantha, Director, Institute of Chinese Studies expressed the need for sharing and learning from each other’s growth and development stories that can act as a reinforcement such that healthy competition is encouraged. Being in a world that volatile, uncertain, complex and abnormal; India and China need to acknowledge and understand each other. The relations will reach new heights when there are ambitious prospects for cooperation such as space technology and nuclear energy. However, this can only be achieved when the strengths are used as boosters for mutual growth.


Mr. Mohammed Saqib, Secretary General, ICEC Council shared his views on the barriers of communication in the India China relations. He mentioned how there was a need for wider outreach of the Chinese into the India for business not only viewing it as a country with a large market that needs to be tapped but as a place for equal and joint cooperation, technology transfer and long term investment. He believed it would act as a huge factor in breaking through the existing negative narrative in the area of bilateral business.

Mr. Han Qide, Vice Chairman, NCCPPCC stated that there was a great amount of potential in improving the bilateral relations so as to bring them up to a faster track. He encouraged more student exchange as they are the future generations of the India China relations. With regard to medicine, he suggested that for greater cooperation the Indian healthcare industry was welcome to set up factories for manufacturing medicines in China and increase the market base. He concluded by mentioning that he was understood the importance India gave to China and how much their bilateral relations mattered.