2nd Meeting Of BRICS Working Group On Science, Technology And Driven Entrepreneurship (STIEP) 2018

The International Technology Transfer Network organized the 2nd Meeting of BRICS working group on Science, Technology and driven Entrepreneurship (STIEP) between 14th and 19th September 2018 in Kunming, China. Delegates from various countries were invited to come together and share projects that showed entrepreneurial potential in the fields of biomedicine, advanced manufacturing and information technology.

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India China Economic and Cultural Council facilitated delegates from India to participate in the event. Three key persons were invited from the field of biomedicine, information technology and digital education to present their venture at the forum.

The event gave its speakers and participants the opportunity to interact with academicians, entrepreneurs and innovators; learn about various technologies and exploring their transfer and exchange. As ITTN’s representative partners in India, ICEC organized the participation of the following delegates.

Mr. Vipul Jain, Founder and CEO, Advancells: Stem Cell Therapies which is a research based company focusing on providing cutting edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life threatening diseases also catering to lifestyle diseases and anti-aging technology. Advancells is slowly rising to be a leader in the space of regenerative medicine which is routinely called the future of modern medicine.

Mr. Vaibhav Bhalla, Co-founder and CEO, The Founders Café – a startup incubator based out of India which has mentored and invested in more than 50+ startups in the IoT/hardware products range and in the connected workspaces domain. He shared the project Velmenni – a startup company working in the visible light communication domain commonly known as LiFi Technology.

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Mr. Aditya Singh, Founder and Chairman, Alexis Group shared his project called Edulively which makes holistic education accessible and interactive for learners of all ages using advanced techniques such as personality tests, psychoanalysis, artificial intelligence, deep learning and predictive analytics.
“Thank you for providing such a useful learning opportunity. Definitely an enriching experience for me.” Mr. Aditya Singh, Founder Alexis Group.